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The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage

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Not sure it’s necessary in my case since I’ve only ever released one comic, but hopefully that’ll change as time goes on.



Beyond the walls of City 17, a young smuggler wanders the wilderness in search of a better life – and an escape from his own troubled past.


Life Outside the Walls

knafsen 91

During the on-going apocalypse, the market price of human lives has dropped significantly.


HACKMAN: Blades of Steel


It’s a polluted cold day in City 17, and the clocks are striking nine. It’s Hackman arcade night.

:small_blue_diamond: Chapter I - “The True Citizen
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter II - “Powerslave
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter III - “Propellerhead
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter IV - “Gulfaxi
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter V - “Heaven’s Night
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VI - “Drainroom
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VII - “Drainroom²
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VIII - “Shades of Thunder
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter IX - “Voodoo Child
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter X - “Neuron Collision
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XI - “Valuable Oxygen
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XII - “Cutter Chaos
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XIII - “Freekstyle
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XIV - “Freekstyle²
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XV - “Operation Kuwanger
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XVI - “We Could Be Heroes…
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XVII - “…Just For One Day

:small_orange_diamond: HACKMAN X: A Government Doctor’s Oath (Bonus!)

Pepsiman: Get Thirsty!


In the sprawling metropolis of Evocity, an evil scientist with delusions of grandeur is aiming to take over the world. Only one man can stop his evil plans: Pepsiman!

:beginner: Issue I - “…And the Evil Doctor Grodbort!
:beginner: Issue II - “…And the Confused Dusty Miller!
:beginner: Issue III - “…And the Mysterious Uroboros Duo!
:beginner: Issue IV - “…And the Fast Nightrunner
:beginner: Issue V - “…And the Destructive Operation “Prez”
:beginner: Issue VI - “…And the Attack of Grodbort’s Agents!
:beginner: Issue VII - “…And the Day Evocity Held Its Breath

My Brother, Darth Vader!


The most powerful Sith in the galaxy has a kind twin brother who dresses up like him in solidarity following his brother’s lava-related accident! The Dark Lord of the Sith, however, has other plans in mind for him…

:performing_arts:Week 1
:performing_arts:Week 2



The Combine picked the wrong planet to fuck with. Time to show these alien bastards who’s boss.

:warning: Volume 1 - “Forget About Freeman
:warning: Volume 2 - “Delivered to a Darker Place

District 11


District 11: one of City 17’s quieter areas, known for its destroyed minigolf courses, its oppressive regime and the funkiest Civil Protection team to ever enlist in the history of the Combine’s occupation. Meet the cops of District 11, and join them in their silly adventures around the neighborhood.

:doughnut: Chapter I - “Target Practice
:doughnut: Chapter II - “Helves the Supercop
:doughnut: Chapter III - “Sin Shitty
:doughnut: Chapter IV - “Miracle Worker
:doughnut: Chapter V - “AWOL
:doughnut: Chapter VI - “Blue on Blue
:doughnut: Chapter VII - “Lemon Lemon
:doughnut: Chapter VIII - “Tree Hunting
:doughnut: Chapter IX - “Tree Hugging?
:doughnut: FINALE - “Border Patroll

Dergi’s Tower of Power

Dergi’s very own newsletter, in comic format! By posting in the newest comic’s comment section, my perskin will directly interact with whatever you post! Feel free to send him things!


Other Comics

Comics made by Dergi that don’t belong to a specific series! Spin-offs, joke comics, one-shot stories. They all go here.

:question:The Real Dergi
:question:Compression Troubles
:question:Dimensional Directorate: I’m Lovin’ It!
:question:La Creatividad
:question:A Chance Meeting
:question:GUN. (A One Page Comic)
:question:Impostor Syndrome
:question:Saintlike Behavior



Donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts!

Episode 1-4
Episode 5
Episode Bonus 1
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 9.5
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 14
Episode 14.5
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20

Episode 2.1
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3
Episode 2.4
Episode 2.5
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7




Two friends become embroiled in a bizarre sequence of events, set under the heavy lid of the Swedish winter night


Unforeseen Consequences

An agent of the Employers gets sent to Earth to assist with a mission; only to find herself falling in love with her co-worker… the G-Man.

Chapter 1 - The Facility

Chapter 2 - The Cascade

Chapter 3 - The Resistance

Interdimensional Bureaucracy

A collection of short stories from the daily life of G-Man and his wife!