Comic Lists

Use this topic to list your comics and comic series for convenience and ease of access.

You can easily format each series using the following code:

# Series name

* [Comic name](Comic URL)
* [Comic name](Comic URL)
* [Comic name](Comic URL)


The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage

Feel free to include a small banner (500x150px should suffice) for each series if you want, but make sure to still include the series name as a heading like the example above for accessibility purposes. Short descriptions are also okay.

Please keep this topic discussion-free, it’s meant exclusively to hold comic lists for easy access.

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Not sure it’s necessary in my case since I’ve only ever released one comic, but hopefully that’ll change as time goes on.



Beyond the walls of City 17, a young smuggler wanders the wilderness in search of a better life – and an escape from his own troubled past.


Life Outside the Walls

knafsen 91

During the on-going apocalypse, the market price of human lives has dropped significantly.