No Parking - Episode 15

NO PARKING Mega-Thread



All three of them make a loveable bunch, really wholesome stuff.

I’ll take that as a compliment! Besides, it can’t all be uber dark death noir!

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The terrifying teleporting Gerald lol
At least he’s being a good friend :smiley:

I guess some abilities have their downsides too!

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Gerald is the best character in this.

Great work as always!

You would say that (about Gerald!)! lol

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No but imagine if one day Valve went “G-Man? Good old Gerald!”

I think Gerald would blush like a raspberry and quite possibly pass out.

For some reason, eating peanuts that way really grosses me out.

Good episode, it’s nice to get some levity in brevity. And like you said in Discord, some characters you can just use forever to make jokes, and it shows!

I hadn’t thought of that, probably best I don’t think about it too closely!