Life Outside the Walls - Episode 4

In this episode, our girl with no name has a dream sequence, buys booze and gets to experience what Frank Zappa talked about when he sang about “Flakes”. Meanwhile the small town learns first-hand what it can mean if you give up your natural freedoms in exchange for the state-sanctioned violence that the Leviathan is entitled to.

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The flame edit is fuggin’ amazing coming out of that sonic emitter,
And Jesus that reflection in the bionoculars at the end.
Out-fuggin’-standing work, George.
utterly stupendous :open_mouth:

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Talent can’t be bought, it can only be released one episode at a time. Stunning as always, George: I’ll enjoy reading this the second time as much as I enjoyed reading it the first time.


Wow, amazing editing! And some great lighting too, awesome stuff as usual, George!


Thanks for all the kind words everyone. This’ll be a good opportunity to spill some beans on the process as well:

  • The interior of the gas station and the exterior are two different maps. Careful editing enabled me to splice together them with pretty good results. Next time, though, I’ll just pick a windowless gas station

  • There are some russian phrases scattered throughout. Hopefully, they don’t read too terribly.

  • The three pair of legs will show up again, along with their upper bodies

  • Harm’s Way was a name Arctic Avenger suggested. It made for a funny wordplay.

  • The snow was made with this tutorial. The layering of the snow is important in editing, as it just looks flat and obvious without multiple layers.

  • I tried getting a 1950’s, Mars Attacks-esque beam to show the absolute brutality of these weapons. The result turned out really nice. Once again, thanks Arctic!

  • When my friend and I worked at a café, on slowmdays we used to do Rock, Paper, Scissors while crouching behind the counter. The loser had to help if a customer came. Needless to say we were not very good at our jobs.


George said the following In regards to Inconvenieced Issue 11: “I need to step up my game to match what you did here”. And if you look at page 3 of Life Outside the walls 4, I think he did just that. That is a VERY nice layout. And the dream scene, can’t forget about that.

What I’ll add to what George said about the effect of the energy weapon, is that what you see in the comic, is the result of me and him brainstorming it into existence while talking on discord.

Overall sweet comic, and I’m looking forward to the next part!

The only feedback that I can think of right now, is maybe consider numbering each comic (you did it for Nattland).