Interdimensional Bureaucracy: The Return

EDIT: Added a title; this isn’t going to be a series as such, more it’s just gonna be a collection of one-shots under the name.

Had a go at making a silly comic. G-Man’s doorway is black because it’s the opposite side of the stasis chambers (he was checking on Freeman and Shephard). White void location as it’s part of the interdimensional bureaucrat dimension. :3


hahahhaha the sudden tone switch-
“whatd you DO”
absolutely loved this, good work!

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Thank you! :grin: I just sorta wanted to do a short introduction comic to Dusk’s character… I tend to always gravitate to comedy. :sweat_smile:

That eyebrow raise on “Sure…” would give Leonard Nimoy and Rowan Atkinson some serious competition.

The shots and layout work well with the plot and dialog. Really looking forward to more!

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Gotta love that smile to camera! lol

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