Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 10


  • I’ve decided to leave it ambiguous for the main reasoning for Dusk’s quick change of heart in this part; mostly because I myself am unsure on what I want the actual reasoning to be. The options are either G-Man did actually just use his power to (slightly) influence his own wife to be more accepting of his plans; or it really is just in the nature of these bureaucrats (Dusk included) to love the idea of promotion and getting higher on the corporate ladder. Of course what G-Man is suggesting is far more than that.

  • Dusk may be more sympathetic than your average agent, but she is at heart a career woman.

  • Something to think about though; in chapter 1 Dusk rejected a opportunity of promotion because she didn’t want to spy on her husband for the Employers.

Behind The Scenes:

  • I was originally going to have a scene at the Citadel with the Dark Energy reactor being destroyed; but this story isn’t really about that.

  • Now that the ‘midway exposition chapter’ is done I can really start to roll with my ideas.

  • Chapter 4 will most likely start being posted within a couple months time; as I have some other stuff to do before I can really work on it properly; and also need specific assets going forward.

  • I’m halfway through writing the script for the next chapter.

  • I have so much story planned for chapter 4 and 5, it’s really difficult for me not to talk about it. XD


G-Man, you glorious bastard, what are you up to?!

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Though it wouldhave looked cool, I think you made the right choice not having it in the Dark Reactor. Like I assumed you alluded to, this story is your own and I find it best when it’s that story being told.

Can’t wait to see the infinite mirror dimension y’all gonna visit.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: I do worry that some people might be like ‘why didn’t you show that event?’ or ‘why isn’t Gordon in the comic more?’ etc etc.’ But yeah… it’s really not about that, just running parallel to the games.

I doubt many would want to read a comic about Gordon. They could just play the game!

Like Mythos pointed out, the twist is unique and tells a HL2 story that has hardly been done before. So double down on your story. Try us.

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That does make me feel more confident going forward; and I will, now that the exposition is out of the way I can really focus on it. ^^