Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 5


  • I need to make perfectly clear (mostly to Mythos!) that I like Odessa Cubbage as a character; Dusk is just not too sure on this guy right now. XD

  • The Resistance currently knows of G-Man and Dusk; but they don’t know WHAT they actually are. G-Man can wipe memories so if the need arises he can make the Resistance forget them.

  • Although they know G-Man is the reason Freeman returned to them; they don’t know what deal Eli made.

  • Had the idea that since Black Mesa rumours and stories have been passed around about G-Man.

Behind The Scenes:

  • I had to alter the scenes to look like it was near sunset post-process because I forgot to put atmos on when taking the shots. Sorry if it looks a bit odd… but I didn’t want there to be inconsistancies with the time of day it’s meant to be set.

Not a fan of scones or crumpets, huh? Makes me wonder… No, best not to think about it.

Great work, as always!

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Now I want to know what you were wondering. XD

Human food is edible… but it can’t sustain them for very long; they need to consume other sentient beings for energy.

I didn’t want to think about it!


The last thing they see…

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Interesting with some rebel interaction. I’m guessing the commodity is crumpets, which is why Dusk looked so worried.

How did you make the near-sunset color grading? I imagine your video editing must have LUTs.

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lmao! Okay I said there was some comedy in this chapter, but that’s too silly! :laughing:

Didn’t use the video editor for that, just one of my image editors. I used a colour balance tool iirc.

You people use LUTs? You, fancy!

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