Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 1


  • I am going with my theories on the Resistance knowing of the G-Man, and basically no one telling Freeman anything.

  • Those other people in the last panel are indeed other interdimensional bureaucrats. But we won’t be meeting any others until chapter 4.

  • G-Man can manipulate humans through both TV and radio signals (his sightings on various screens, and the distorted music).

  • Yes the briefcase is open in one shot, but you guys are human so your minds cannot comprehend what is in there… you only see it as empty.

Behind The Scenes:

  • I originally wanted to actually show Eli signing a contract when making the deal, the scene was going to be more elaborate… but it would have made this intro go on too long.

  • I just realized the posing looks a but odd on the shot with the resistance; I think it’s the angle I eventually took it at… whoops… it looked better in-game. XD


Things are gonna heat up!

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Some great moody shots. Particularly G-Man and Eli in green hell, G-Man against a weather-beaten city and I love the one with the crow.

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Thanks! I eventually decided against having the crows as a major plot point in the story; but I at least wanted to showcase he uses them in some way. I think it’ll just be a background thing; I did make sure to have a crow in one of the shots in chapter 2 actually, but it was very subtle.

Yeah, that would be challenging. I like the implied silent communication in that shot.

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Woooow that lighting is phenomenal! Great job on that shot of blue/green G-man especially.

Not gonna say that you did the right choice cutting the contract, but the flow of the comic as is really works well.

Also, good work on the posing of the civvies and resistance. The small detail of the worried rebels turning to look at G-man was… humorous is the wrong word. But it really adds something both amusing as well as worrying.

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Thanks! Yeah I would have liked the contract scene but sometimes I cut stuff I really wanted to make anyway, either for pacing or just realize it’s not going to work.

This chapter is going to have some comedy in it, but it’s only because the next chapter is going to be quite intense. I wanted to balance it out a bit.

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