No Parking - Episode 17

No Parking - Mega-Thread



Hear me out.

We tie Brian to a cross.

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You wanna pitchfork with that? lol Poor old Brian…

Hahaha Nikos sure doesn’t mince his words! I like how you saved the close-ups for last, too.

Yeah, lets just say he’s a bit more worldly than Gerald!

Poor brian D:
I hope he recovers lol

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Gerald is more refined, is all! BTW does he have an office? I can’t imagine him not having one. Briefcase, suit etc. XD

Anyways I hope Nikos is exaggerating with Brian’s condition. o.O

It’s strange that I know the answer to that one but I’m gonna say no. Not for any definite plot point but more to do with the character. If he gets one, you’ll find out!