No Parking - Episode S2.2

No Parking - Mega-Thread



I like how Nikos is just giving up on Brian for now; a true friend. XD

But now I wonder where he and Gerald will work. I am hazarding a guess, but I know it’ll just be spoilers if I ask. Haha.

I can’t imagine!

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Hey! Evelyn! And Joe. That guy needs his blood pressure checked. And his chi un-fucked.

Alas, poor Brian. Is it intended that they read as the original HL2 voices?

For the most part, yes. Exceptions may include Larry and Garry who sound more like California surfer dudes, in my head at least!

lol An alternative view to consider - is he looking out for Gerald? Perhaps he considers G more vulnerable, for reasons? Not saying either way, just putting it out there.

I personally don’t think Gerald would join Brian’s cult… but Nikos always seems very sure about how to deal with matters… even if his ideas aren’t… great. Just an observation.