No Parking - Episode 16

NO PARKING Mega-Thread



Geez, Nikos is a bit extreme. Gerald is an older gentleman; I don’t think he should have to deal with all that crazy ‘multi-training’. o.O Then again… I don’t think anyone should have to deal with it. :laughing:

Was Brian attacked after getting headcrabbed? If so he’s had the worst few days. XD

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Nikos just gets a bit carried away sometimes! As for Brian… Isn’t getting headcrabbed bad enough?! lol

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Oh for sure, everything else just adds insult to injury.

No spoilers!

Stress chess

Andy, you’re a genius.

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lol! I wish, then I too could master stress chess! Actually, I’m not sure I’d want to.

”Moments later” lol

You’re cooking up something with the Brian reveal, Andy. And you’ve got me seriously wondering if lift and dodge has any actual benefits to it.

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What, no takers for Hazard Marathons?

It’s the timed element that puts people off

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