Interdimensional Bureaucracy: Stasis

I’ve decided that these comics involving my perskin are gonna be a collection of one-shots under the same name. Not a continuous story; just random things in the daily life of a interdimensional bureaucrat. (Title is not fancy on purpose; it’s meant to look like the status reports from HL1, pretty sure I’m using the right font.) In other words… I made another comic! (Also edited ‘The Return’ to include the title.)

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That last panel… I think it feasting on my soul!

Honestly I am so happy I can make Dusk look bloody terrifying. XD

But the world needs to know… IS she drunk? lol

Perhaps just a bit tipsy. :laughing:

I think you got it nailed!

Steong energy in this one! I like the layout too, very tightly composed.

That last panel though… did my hands help create… that? (Jk I totally knew what abberant trickery would be involved)

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I was originally gonna just have her looking extra goofy for the last panel; but I couldn’t help making it look scary instead. :laughing: Honestly I can’t thank you enough for the perskin; I’m so happy with it. :smile:

Ye made the right choice. The line between scary and goofy is where it all is at.

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