Unforeseen Consequences: The Cascade - Part 7

I do apologize that this part jumps around a bit; I was going to have a longer segment with Xen but unfortunately that map was just not useable so I had to cut it. In any case, I’m quite excited about posting the part after this tomorrow, haha. Breeeeeeeeeeeen.


I thought he was going to say “Alyx”, since he does rescue her during the resonance cascade.

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‘All that needed to be saved, have been saved.’ This is meant to be hinting at the fact he’s already rescued her and assisted in other important people’s escape. Eli and Kleiner included.

I wanted to highlight Shephard as he’s a unique case… he is not destined to be hired now or in the future; G-Man saves him on a whim. I thought it a good opportunity to show he is not a completely heartless git.

But in any case, I am glossing over some plot points until they become more relevant in later chapters; otherwise it just seems like unnecessary padding as this story isn’t meant to be following the games, just running alongside them… if that… makes sense. ._. But yeah I’ve planned ahead extensively already, even though I haven’t written the scripts yet, haha.

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I’m kind of curious if you hold Echos as canon in this :open_mouth: that would be interesting

I’ve never played it so can’t comment. :laughing:

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Very well should, I highly recommend it, or look up a play through, it’s really good and has some interesting narrative beats :smiley:

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