Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 7



  • So the ‘fine dining of home’ line… obviously when in their own dimension they don’t have to hunt. Mortals gathered from all different dimensions (and indeed species) are kept in stasis for the sole purpose of consumption. If you went to a Bureau restaurant you’d have many dish options from across the dimensions. Thankfully these individuals have no idea of their plight and are killed while in stasis… so it’s actually quite ‘humane’.

  • The last page here was important for me to add even if it seems not that important; I needed to show that G-Man (although an arrogant git) loves his wife.

  • Freeman at this point has gone into the ‘slow teleport’ so there’s a week or so to kill.

Behind The Scenes:

  • This one was giving me a lot of issues with editing, if you don’t like it… oh well, I tried. XD

  • Don’t use many onomatopoeia in this series as I think it makes it seem less serious, but sometimes I have to.


You gotta love the romance amidst the bloodythirsty horror! One scary couple. Great shots there, G-Man looks bloody terrifying in that shot.

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Thanks! I do like making G-Man look terrifying haha.

Yeah, it comes over! lol

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Awww… you guys eat humans and are in love.

That second page is great. That shot of G-man murdering the guy could come of so cheaply, but I think your choice of the slanted angle of the panel’s border really sells the violent movement.

The noise effect on the radio panel worked well too. As did the musical notes. Only thing is that they were a little hard to see, maybe choose a color to differentiate them more clearly from the background. But then again, if you don’t use onomatopoeia often it might not be a problem in the future


Thanks. :smiley: Yeah I wasn’t that happy with the notes; I was trying to find a balance of them not being too over-the-top but still visible. Eventually I just went with this because I was getting annoyed trying to make it look right. ^^;