Unforeseen Consequences: The Cascade - Part 3

Ignore the fact that’s a Combine screen; it was the best option out of what I could use with a RT camera. :laughing:


He’s so devious, it makes what happen in ep1 all the more of a slap in the face for him and his ego and ep2 such a comeback :o

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Haha! Yes his ego is going to take a couple hits in later chapters. XD

“Temporary office dimension” ah yes, Hell.


I have never seen The Prisoner, but I imagine that this is the vibe it has going for it (sans the extradimensional entities).

The way you write G-Man is great. Gah! He’s so smug. No offense to your hubby, and I do realize how xenophobic if sounds, but reading him saying this makes want to suckerpunch him.


lmao! XD Yeah he’s a smug git; but I love him. :laughing:

I sorta now want to make a comic with your perskin punching G-Man randomly for seemingly no reason. XD