Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 9


  • The Bureau making deals with the Combine is not unheard of, even though they are the enemy. The Combine themselves don’t know the true nature of the Bureau, and do very much dislike them… but tend to view them as a more neutral party and therefore will (very rarely) deal with them… they however do not know the Bureau’s true plans to eradicate them… and the Board obviously wants to keep it that way so will make one-off deals with the Combine from time to time, if it is in their best interests.

  • Although the Board have the goal of destroying the Combine; they will make sure to profit from this endevour as much as possible. The Bureau’s government is focused on control and profit in interdimensional politics and commerce.

  • Of course they have many other departments working on other aspects, but the hell if I’m going into the vastness of their organization, and obviously this is mostly at face value… they are an interdimensional government of an universally ancient race of cosmic horrors… that just so happen to be all about bureaucracy.

Behind The Scenes:

  • This part was late in posting as my sleeping pattern is still crazy right now, sorry guys. ^^;

Oh, that naughty Breen. And now we have… internal conflict, perhaps? Should be interesting!

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Oh just you wait, haha.

Oooooh! Intrigue!

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Honestly I have so much planned for chapter 4 and 5 that most of this chapter has just been setting stuff up for those. :laughing:

I do love the long pay-off, so looking forward to that.

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Good stuff! The relational drama sure is ramping up… what is G-man up to? How will this affect the relationship?