Interdimensional Bureaucracy: Valentine's Day

Well here’s the Valentine’s Day special! Now to get back to working on Unforeseen Consequences. :laughing:


Aww, how sweet!

Your posing and especially faceposing is terrific as always. For some reason the pic of G-man chasing Gourdon and Adriatic really looks good. The pose and the tie, and flat comedy angle work really well.

Hilarious writing as well. I am both curious and apprehensive about hearing G-man sing… but apparently it’s not as bad as whatever that random citizen had hear previously?

Anyway, happy Valentines Day Mr. And Mrs. Government People! A toast to your continued love lasting longly!


I love that Gordon is playing on an explosive barrel hahaha, and Shep’s big wrench, dear Lord XD
that was a hoot to read, good work!

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Thanks guys! ^^

G-Man singing has always been something I’ve wondered about; I love his voice but him actually singing I think would sound… uh, interesting. In any case, trying to write cheesy lyrics for him to sing was something. :laughing:

I was just going to have a general complaint from the last citizen, but thought mentioning that this guy has heard something worse made it funnier. XD

And Shephard’s wrench was a total accident; the prop spawned like that, didn’t have to resize it… made me laugh so much I added it as a joke. :sweat_smile:

Also glad Gordon’s explosive barrel was noticed. :grin:

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Gman’s singing is so powerful it can be heard in the vacuum of spaaaace.

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Well by Valve logic sound can be heard in space if the ending of Portal 2 is anything to go by. :grin:

But for a proper explanation; G-Man is just THAT powerful.

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Also something I forgot to mention; all the shelves have the briefcases on them, but just didn’t get used in the shots. >.< It took a while to place them all. ^^;

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I call this… G-posting!

hey!!11!1 that’s patent pending y’know!!11!11