No Parking - Episode S2.1

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Season 2 let’s gooooooooooo!

Why has Bobby let those two stay there? Or did they ‘persuade’ him?

Anyways; I must admit I did not expect Brian making his own religion as a plot point. XD

Bobby likes to help, let’s say that.

Surprise! lol

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Shortest break ever, loving it!

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I would have rightfully taken a year off if I was in your shoes, but still glad to see more No Parking!

The problem is, there’s still a lot of story to get through (if you want to call it that!). We’ve only covered about 20-25% of the current material, approximately. I don’t want to be a spammer but if I wait too long inbetween episodes it’ll never end.

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Just generally curious; do you have it all already written as a script or just the premise of each episode?

And no worries, you’re not a spammer! Geez I post a comic every day when on what I call a ‘chapter run’. BTW next one soon. >.>

Anyways! As always I look forward to more ‘No Parking’… how many seasons are there gonna be?

The original writing session ended up as one large clunky Google Doc. Thankfully, I don’t often wade through it because the episodes are all in my head. That said, things evolve. Some episodes have been squeezed out, while a few are newly written. One or two early episodes never made it because they felt disconnected or just didn’t work. One of Brian’s early get-rich-quick schemes, for instance, was canned because it just wasn’t necessary. Hey, not all the mud sticks to the wall, especially early on when you’re establishing tone and introducing new characters.

Other episodes are newly written to keep the flow or fill out an idea that was somewhat neglected in the original doc. For instance, episode 2.2 was left rather vague so will be written afresh. 2.1, on the other hand, (Larry & Garry on Bobby’s roof) came out almost exactly as it had been in the original document. Most episodes come out as originally intended, for better or worse.

As for seasons, I really don’t know at this point. Here’s the problem; while a lot of the storylines can run in parallel, and therefore be presented in any order, that becomes trickier as the characters become more entwined. Not impossible by any means but the order of events will have to be locked in sooner rather than later. Hence, I’ll have a better idea on how to divvy it up into seasons. The break-point for season 1 felt natural since it signals the first big shift in the world of established characters.

That was probably way too much information but you did ask! I’d be interested to know what other people’s experience is with this kind of thing.


It’s so cool to be here while a legend is born.

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One person’s TMI can be another persons JEI (just enough information). It’s interesting hearing more in-depth about your process. And it is impressive how you manage to release comics high in both quality and quantity! The same goes for you, @DuskGovernmentWoman

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Nah it’s good! This makes sense; I’ve had to change so much with my own stuff even though the basic premise stays the same. Though I don’t envy how many characters stories you have to keep track of. ^^;

Indeed. Not the smartest choice on my part! lol


And I just remembered you said you have more to introduce… bloody hell. ._.

Oh, no, yeah, comic spamming is a big problem. Back in my day, we released one comic a year! That really helped keep things spam-free.