Unforeseen Consequences: The Facility - Part 2


Miss Dusk, I wanna congratulate you on your stedy improvement. What you did with the panels on pages 3 and 4 was REALLY creative.

A few suggestions/advices I’d like to give, that will hopefully help you out when making future comics:

  • text of the boxes were your characters is thinking, that can be a bit smaller. This way you should have more space to work with within the comic.

  • regarding speechbubbles, don’t be afraid to have them partially out of the panel or into another panel. Alternatevly, what I’ve seen other authors do, is have the speechbubble be cut off but the panel itself. (were this comes to mind, is in the panel were Gman said “i only wanted to say you shouldnt concern youself with them” and the next panel)

    This page should help illustrate what I’'m talking about: https://i.imgur.com/7tSD9cG.jpg

  • one thing you can do to set the mood to fit with what’s going on inside the panels, it to change the background color of the page, from white to black, a gradient or… well, that up to you as the author.

A few examples of what you can do with the background:
- https://imgur.com/z6U9mtP
- https://imgur.com/Dm6jyej

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Thanks! ^^

And yeah, I must admit I am usually quite worried about text being too small to read, because I post these on sites that shrink the resolution… so I do end up making it larger a lot of the time… sorta force of habit because of how many places I post it. :sweat_smile:

Funny you should mention the speech bubble thing actually, I’ve been wanting to find ways to better utilize them, thanks for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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awesome, read this just now after getting home from school.
looking forward to the next part!!