No Parking - Episode S2.4

No Parking - Mega-Thread



Okay, new characters I have to remember the names of! (I’m so bad with names!) :laughing:

But these guys are right… there is something very odd about that sector…

I dunno. A name like Zorl sounds hilarious so I won’t forget that one. Vrex, on the other hand…

You set it up like they’re going to retaliate with a full missile barrage, but that exasperated cry was even better. Really make me wonder what’s next.

General Zorl, Admiral Vrex. Rolls off the tongue!

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Pronouced ‘V-Rex’, btw.

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Gerald could survive that… right?

Did the Combine give them those names? Bloody hell. XD

You don’t get to be a Combine General or Admiral with a name like Dave, is all I’m saying.

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Andy, you’ve been rewatching Chernobyl?

No, never seen it. Not a TV watcher nowadays. Why?