No Parking - Episode 20

No Parking - Mega-Thread



Bloody hell I thought Brian was in serious trouble for a moment there. o.O

Also congrats on finishing the first season!

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Thanks! And who knows what trouble awaits?!

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The manliest response one can and should muster after having your bell rung.

So, Mr. Andy comes to scene as the new guy, makes 20 comics, wins an award, while also improving his craft, and then has the audacity to say “That’s just the first seasson!”.

I’m telling you, this man is build different.


lol Erm, dunno what to say to that! As long as it makes one or two people smile, that’s good enough for me!

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Brian’s different. Well he is now!

Me like last panel, glad there was a sort of happy ending to the headcrabbed Brian arc


Let’s call it a new beginning… :wink:

Congratulations on a finished season! Like Arctic said, we’re so lucky for having you drop these incredible comics on us.

I love love LOVE the posing of Nikos’ grip on the sledgehammer. Something about holding that way, it’s not just appealing to the eye but shows the heft of a large bluegeoning weapon/tool.

Also nice color coding - red for Mr Tickles, orange for Brian and pink for… uh, zombie?

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Well, thank you, George, that’s very kind of you. And bless you for noticing the hand grips! lol Getting that right was probably the biggest time-sink of the whole episode! Not that bad but you have to get it more or less perfect or it just looks terrible.

Pink for zombie? Why not?!

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fantastic finale, I’ll be looking forward to season 2


Much appreciated! I sincerely hope people enjoy the new plots and characters coming in S2.

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