No Parking - S2.7

No Parking - Mega-Thread



I love how he’s saying all that right in front of Bobby; but tbh I guess everyone is so used to all the crazy living there that it’s not too concerning.

Not sure if it has shown up in previous episodes but the ‘sorry we’re open’ sign is great. XD

Quite random but when I first starting reading this one I thought the line was “Observe the dehydration of our forces.” and was like; ‘What? He has a drink right there!’ Before re-reading it. :laughing:

The sign’s been there from the start or very close to. I tend to shoot around it because it’s a bit crude. But it’s part of the scenery now!

You made me look! lol

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Just me not being observant as usual then. ^^;

Keeping me on my toes!

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Good stuff, Andy! Even the combine elites can’t say no to a double shot frappuccino.

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Man, I’m getting a feeling you’ve been watching the show.

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