Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 2


  • Yes Dusk was sleeping while standing. They can do that. XD

  • A typical honeymoon or vacation can last for many Earth years.

  • G-Man wears the HL2 suit when he has to work in less than favourable locations.

  • Dusk is very anti-Combine; the Employers make sure their regular agents are conditioned to hate them. Elite agents like G-Man are more likely to not hold such extreme resentment as they are privy to more information.

Behind The Scenes:

  • Yeah Dusk’s office is literally the office scene build I did a while ago with a few things removed.

  • I was going to show the stasis chambers in this part, but am now leaving that until chapter 4. Episode 1 intro and all that. I have a very specific vision on what they should look like which I can’t make just yet.

  • G-Man changing his suit to the one he wears in HL2 was something I decided on when making chapter 1. He will alternate between his suits, as Dusk does with hers.

  • Same goes for the briefcase change, again this plot point was planned in chapter 1.

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Wow, the colours! Gotta love the palette changes before we get back to ‘boring’ Earth.

That sounds exhausting!


Thanks. I liked the idea that the colour just shifts in their dimension sometimes; it’s normal! :laughing:

The Interdimension, brought to you by Philips Hue! Anyway, I like the contrast it creates. It’s clear without being too jarring.


+1 on the colors. Do they indicate something in-universe, like the ’mood’ of the dimension? Or do you pick colors with an intent for us, the readers? Kinda weird question haha

Looking forward to finding out more about the conflict between the Employers and the Combine.

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I’ve actually yet to set an exact reasoning; I did however make it go greyscale when the atmosphere became less positive here. I think it’s more the dimension reacting to the characters in a way; but definitely also for the reader.

Also, I forgot to say, there’s some really nice shots here. Like a lot. Correct me if I’m wrong - please - but I get the feeling the varied environments and lighting gets the mojo going.

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Not entirely sure what you mean by that, but thank you anyways. XD

“We were awfully busy”
“Indeed we were”

My reaction:


You win best comment of the year. :laughing: