The Formidable Pepsiman! - Issue #2



Author’s note: this comic was almost killed by a nasty writer’s block.

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hahaha, this was a lot of fun, glad you overcame the block! :smiley:

Great editing and action! And now I understand what you meant about the character model. ^^;

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On the last image (the cover of the comic), I had to reposition Dusty’s angle several times because her own breasts would cover her facial expression. It’s beyond silly.

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I usually yammer on about visual language and composition when I read your stuff, but I think this is a drastic improvement. The editing really supplements the posing and the choice of shots, and you’re not afraid to show us a little bit less in terms of quantity, to get more out of the existing shots’ quality. Keep up the good work!

It was nice seeing the brown and green booze bottles used in the lab setting, too. There a certain fun in using the base models of Gmod for stuff other than what they were designed for.

Also Dusty Miller with large breasts - does she know Dusty Gazongas from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

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Good issue man. It does give me A-Team vibes for some reason (loved that show).

As for feedback, if Dusty the plant girl is the office lady that first showed up, than what I think could make things more clearer for the reader, is to have the office dude say “Ms. Miller” when adressing her at the end of at least one of the sentences.

You could also benefit from shots that are further away, because a few times in the comic, it looked like you were having trouble fitting panels in the page, since most were close up shots. So, for example, were the 2 green soldiers were saying “I will not repeat myself”, a shot from far above that would include both Pepsiman and Dusty, could have canceled out the empty panel to the right.

I see what you mean, but I absolutely dislike “big” shots. I like tight closeups because it generally allows me to get away with a smaller background, which means I don’t have to put as much stuff behind the “actors”: not only does it save me much needed time in a period where I was close to trashing the chapter entirely because it was getting out of hand time-wise, but also to save some FPS, since Evocity isn’t exactly lightweight.

On the matter of Dusty’s pre-transformation identity, I imagined that a having a whole scene depicting the implied transformation through the giant “potato” in the jar would’ve established that she was the same woman who collapsed inside that room. I can see why there’d be some confusion, however, and as a result I concede in that regard.

All in all, it was a mildly infuriating comic for me, because it took way longer than it should’ve. This fact reflects on the chapter’s overall quality, as it could’ve been much better. Thanks for the feedback, as usual.

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Huh. That makes sense! If performance is an issue, keeping it focused and narrow would be a totally natural thing to do. And while I do in theory agree with Arctic, I think that’s a point about the editing rather than the screenshots. I think the choice of images as well as the content of the images themselves work really well in telling the story.

However, I must ask: if performance wasn’t an issue, and you didn’t have to put stuff behind the actors, would you still dislike “big” shots? Just curious.

+1 on the Dusty Miller confusion. I didn’t know until y’all pointed it out :exploding_head:


Not as much, but I’d still rather not resort to them. My faults become very apparent with big shots, which is why I’ve been using more small shots as I improved: I felt more confident with those, and it allowed me to focus on the characters themselves.