Unforeseen Consequences: The Facility - Part 4

Why did that maintenance guy have a gun? 'cause it’s Black Mesa, very easy to find weapons lying around. I DON’T KNOW! :laughing: Make up your own reason as to why he had it.


The plot thickens! I like the horror vibes.

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Om nom nom nom people lol

Fantastic lighting. And it’s nice to see the horrors show themselves. I look forward to/dread the upcoming story!

And of course he has a gun! He’s an American! We all have guns!

Interesting that G-Man lit a ciggy up too. I imagine him as a menthol-y kind-of-guy.

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Thanks! When it gets into Part 2 (The Cascade), I’m hoping to ramp up the horror aspect, still six more parts of The Facility to go though first, but I wanted the horror to gradually be introduced in this chapter.

I dunno why but I love the idea that G-Man smokes. >.>

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