Interdimensional Bureaucracy: Vacation

I’ll make sure my next comic doesn’t have Dusk getting angry at G-Man, haha.

Also who noticed the flowers were just one of the potted plants he knocked over earlier? XD

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Welp, thats terrifying

It’s impressive the amount of quality work you manage to put out fairly quickly. The humor and writings excellent; I lol’d at them eating flowers.

Also I like the slow creep of injecting horror into the comics. That one-two shot of G-guy has beautiful lighting - I’m looking forward to seeing more lf it!

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Thanks! ^^

Yeah I’m a big fan of the spooky stuff; so do like to make things have a horror vibe even if it’s mostly comedy. :smile:

Gordon’s seen things no man should ever see. RIP Calhoun!

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Indeed. :laughing:

I was worried the Barney fans would hate me for this comic, haha.

Just leave Bobby alone and we’re good!

You just gave me an idea for a crossover ‘special’ of IB… but, I totally understand if you wouldn’t want me to use your characters. XD Jusssst… we’re interdimensional… soooooo… it is possible. :rofl:

And no, no one would get eaten! :sweat_smile:

Can you imagine how traumatised Gerald would be if G-Man popped in and ATE BOBBY?!

lmao! Honestly I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see someone who looks exactly like yourself suddenly appear and eat a person. I mean that’s just… wtf? :rofl:

Drawing on personal experience… No, I can’t say I do either! Gotta hurt, though.

“But I’ve tried flowers before and they taste vine” knocked me on my ass in laughter. Great stuff!

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