Unforeseen Consequences: The Facility - Part 1

Start of the first chapter of Unforeseen Consequences; set in pre-disaster Black Mesa. There are currently planned five chapters with ten parts of four pages each… I hope that makes sense.

Well if they liked each other straight away that would be boring. :laughing:


So abrasive :open_mouth:
makes ya wonder how ya two managed to make it through the incident! :smiley:

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Well the resonance cascade won’t be until chapter 2. :grin:

Now I wonder, given gman’s … inflections … what does Dusk sound lilke?

Same vibe but feminine, haha. She’s slightly less weird sounding than G-Man though… and has a British-sounding accent (though I only say this so I can voice act her if I need to for videos, lmao).

I have head-canon lore for why their speech sounds quite strange (just copy-pasting this from my lore document cause I’m too lazy to type it again); The reason they talk with a strange cadence and with a lot of odd noises/breathing is because their true language utilises all this for communication, and it just bleeds into any other language they speak.

Obviously I’m not going to write them talking in their own language here as it won’t be understandable. :laughing:

Woof. That G-Man sure seems like a real jerk. Makes for an interesting story though! Even if I know how y’all gonna end up, one does wonder how the heck you get there.

Glad to see that the young Breen model looks right… young.

Don’t worry, his jerk attitude won’t last too long (toward Dusk at least). :smile:

I’m trying to write G-Man with a combination of how he acts in HL1, HL2 and HLA.