Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 6


  • Named dropped Carcosa. I know a couple of folks from the discord know why.

  • Their species ‘dietry requirements’ is indeed just that; they actually do have to eat other sentient creatures to stay in a healthy state. It is just a natural thing for them; however they do not need to eat as often as we humans do… so that’s why they’re not devouring people every day.

  • Dusk will not be eating Cubbage, I promise.

  • This chapter as a whole is really showcasing Dusk’s conflicted thoughts on mortals; mostly because she’s going to have quite a shift in her perspective of things for the next chapters (spoilers!).

  • Dusk has started to absolutely hate being away from her husband for too long… foreshadowing perhaps?

Behind The Scenes:

  • Making a character stand upside down is easy with this method (if you only use the physgun for posing like me…). Pose them how you want normally, then make them a statue (and turn off gravity if needed). Place them where you need them and then use SMH to record their pose. Now remove the statue-ness and use SMH to return them to the pose!

The walking food is getting a bit lippy!

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Uh oh, she’s at risk of enjoying the humies :stuck_out_tongue:

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