Nattland part 9

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Bravo! Great pacing, great shots and I love the Mario Bava-inspired lighting. Also, thumbs up for the false jump scare! That’s not easy to do in a comic. Also, curse you for that cliffhanger. Must see what happens next!

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I went back and caught up with the story so far! This is a great series; your pacing is bloody brilliant as well as the lighting and general atmosphere.

I am getting some Lovecraftian vibes from this; especially with the comet and what they found in the body… guessing it’s all connected haha.

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Thanks! Like you wrote, Bava is a big inspiration for the lighting, as well as Argento and films like Manhunter, Creepshow and From Beyond. Just like Dusk’s comic, the colors are for the reader, but also for the characters in-universe.

What’s a false jump scare? Haven’t heard that one before :melting_face:

Thanks! Glad you picked up on the connections. I sometimes worry that I may be the only person on earth who can read this. However, I also worry that I showed my hand already, like, it’s not scary if you now where it’s going!

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When he’s first going into the apartment it felt like a set up for something. But the pay off didn’t come till later. That felt very giallo film to me.

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So that’s how you solved the flashback issues you were having. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s a fascinating approach and I think it works.

One editing note: the speech bubbles are a bit too large, especially considering how short the text is for each. Unless you’re making these thinking of mobile devices? But even then, it’s a bit much, in my opinion.

Looking forward to part 10 and to further understanding what the hell those Lovecraftian beasts are!

Thanks! While it wasn’t something I had envisioned beforehand,the suggestions from you and @Eastman were too good to not be combined. So thanks for that as well :grin:

You are correct in your assessment that this comic is a bit ‘mobile-friendly’; I usually proofread stuff on my iPad before posting. The vertical, stacked panel look is also for that reason.

As for the bubbles, I agree in that they do kind of look big compared to other comics. However, the speech bubbles and font size are exact the same as previous issues. So I’m gonna stick to this size for continuity’s sake.

@Andy thanks for the explanation. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but now that you pointed it out, it does fit into the style.


To be fair, you’re the one future-(or present-)proofing here with bigger speech bubbles. I had a technical solution for a responsive comic but it’s too much of a hassle to implement unless the web page and comics are tailor-made for it. And it does read better on mobile, I’ll give you that!

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