Unforeseen Consequences: The Resistance - Part 4


  • Gordon and airboats don’t mix in my universe.

Behind The Scenes:

  • I love using shadows; it took all my willpower not edit those shots to look like a German Expressionism film, even though when I tested it it looked so good. I’m thinking of leaving that sort of look for scenes in chapter 4 set in the Employers dimension… or at least more Film Noir style; let’s hope I can pull it off! ^^;

That panel. Nosferatu, eat your heart ou!


Well there’s an idea for a special episode!

Also, the airboat isn’t THAT difficult to operate! Can’t wait to see Highway 17 done on foot.


I actually find the airboat easier to control in VR for some reason. o.O

We’ve had Italian yellow films! Now we want German black-and-white!


I do love black and white tbh; I’m at least going to try for more Film Noir type shots in the next couple chapters. At least with the Employers’ dimension being so surreal it’s pretty normal for the ‘style’ to change between panels. :laughing:

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GORGEOUS use of the shadows here, really fine work,
I’m curious, did you use Toggle Shadow tool?

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Thank you! ^^ And no I didn’t, not sure what that tool is actually. o.O

This was just positioning a light to get the shadow to project like that. I have seen there’s an addon that can control where the shadows are cast, but I’ve never tried it.

Oh? Do you know the name of that addon? Could be useful.

Ah from what I can tell it can only change the direction of dynamic shadows, not ones cast from a light source. Could still be useful though; Steam Workshop::Shadow Editor

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Ta, I’ll have a look at that.

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