Personal Skin Guidelines

I’m posting this here as a general guideline to follow if wanting to use my personal skin in comics and screenshots. I want to make clear no one has annoyed me with anything previously posted! This is for future reference. If you want to add your own rules for your perskin, go ahead!

Who is Dusk (the character)?
She is an interdimensional bureaucrat, agent of the Employers and the wife of G-Man. Power wise, she has similar abilities to G-Man, but is not as powerful as him. She can go by various names or titles depending on what works for the comic. Examples are; Agent Dusk, G-Woman, Government Woman, Mrs. G and ‘that woman with the briefcase’.
Her personality can differ slightly between serious or comedy based comics.

Serious Works
Cold, calculating and very bureaucratic. However Dusk is more sympathetic toward humans than G-Man, though she is still a career woman and will follow her mission directives. Although somewhat argumentative, she loves her husband with all her heart. As she is the same species as G-Man, she also shares similar traits such as unusual inflections in her speech.

Comedy Works
Pretty much the same; however for humourous comics she can be over-exagerated with her personality traits. And will often be a lot more outspoken and just generally more amusing. She will also use her briefcase as a melee weapon and can be OTT with corporate jargon for comedic effect.

Habits and Quirks
Smoker (cigarettes). Coffee-drinker. Eats humans sometimes. Has a pet barnacle in her office. Often carrying a briefcase. Dislikes Combine hunters. Always wears a suit. Eyes will sometimes glow.


  • Interdimensional Bureaucrat Powers!
  • Briefcase
  • Glock

General Rules (please read!)

  • Dusk’s model can only be used as the character herself, an alternate version of herself or a representation of me from the discord or forums etc. She cannot be used to represent a different character.

  • Dusk is completely loyal to G-Man; she must NEVER be paired up with any other characters romantically.

  • As she has various suit styles and colours, feel free to use whatever one you prefer for comics. However please don’t go head-hacking her onto a random outfit I haven’t chosen myself.

  • Do not do any retexturing to her model unless I’ve specifically asked for help with it.

  • If featured or mentioned, her relationship with G-Man is always a positive for her; yes she will sometimes argue with him (she’s his wife, it will happen) but they are happily married.

  • Please ask me directly (here or discord) if you are unsure on something!

This might get edited with more information later.


Great idea!

Here are the general rules for my perskin:

  • none