Then Go Below

A follow-up to the prior comic “The Go Between”,
took the title as a nod to Mythos, (thank you for the suggestion some time ago)
Decided to set it at least initially in City 24, an absolutely majestic map on the workshop that I cannot overstate the beauty of.
Looking forward to where this could go, but don’t have an “end goal” at the moment, just a few ideas of ‘single steps’ I guess I’ll call them.
Go Between was more or less a prologue,
Time to get on with the show.

Edit 2-sec after posting:
OOP! Forgot to edit in the smoke from the Metrocop’s cigarette!!! @_@


Good layout work and it feels like you’re more in control of the pacing. I enjoyed the blurb in the beginning too! It’s nice to start of a series with thoughts and comments, so we know where you’re at after your last series :slight_smile:


This was an attempt to jump back into it while still not knowing what the heck imma do.
Zoning out at work I had some ideas and ended up writing myself an Email that’s gonna be a .txt for a roadmap of what i wanna do.
I officially have a plot, though I need to iron out some details.

The intro bit just seemed Appropriate for the opening of a chapter, I might keep that method for other “big” comics as well :smiley:
it’s way easier to pull off than some other stuff i’ve tried lol

Great start to the follow-up!

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Thank you very kindly! :smiley:

Taking my time with this comic, trying to not stress about moving things too slow or too quick, give time to see the details, point out a few of them and let the reader figure out the rest on their own.
Neat detail to point out for something way after this that i may not end up using-
Gobo could feel that the npc downstairs walked away, but never saw him do so.


Kind rushed on this one a bit, thinking I should have taken more time,
still happy with how it came out.
Dialogue is a little bumpy, i have to admit, but the scene also helped me plan out where imma go next.
Had thought to go one direction, but there’s a physical spot I wanted to have as a scene later, and with where I was going to have it go would have prevented that, or at least not made sense.
This map is like a jungle gym, it’s neat how many paths intersect and criss-cross around each other.
Would be a NIGHTMARE to play deathmatch in.