HACKMAN Megathread

Due to the several threads containing a HACKMAN chapter each, I’ve decided to create a Megathread to place all of the HACKMAN threads currently swimming around the Metrocop forums in a centralized, single thread that will contain all HACKMAN chapters: both released and future ones.


:small_blue_diamond: Chapter I - β€œThe True Citizen”: HACKMAN I - "The True Citizen"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter II - β€œPowerslave”: HACKMAN II - "Powerslave"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter III - β€œPropellerhead”: HACKMAN III - "Propellerhead"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter IV - β€œGulfaxi”: HACKMAN IV - "Gulfaxi"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter V - β€œHeaven’s Night”: HACKMAN V - "Heaven's Night"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VI - β€œDrainroom”: HACKMAN VI - "Drainroom"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VII - "Drainroom²”: HACKMAN VII - "DrainroomΒ²"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter VIII - β€œShades of Thunder”: HACKMAN VIII - "Shades of Thunder"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter IX - β€œVoodoo Child”: HACKMAN IX - "Voodoo Child"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter X - β€œNeuron Collision”: HACKMAN X - "Neuron Collision"
:small_blue_diamond: Chapter XI - β€œValuable Oxygen”: HACKMAN XI - "Valuable Oxygen"
This Megathread can also be used to centralize HACKMAN related discussions and general trivia surrounding the comic’s universe.



Full name: Unknown
Codename: D-8492
Rank: Ground Unit, Class 2
Birthplace: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Civil Protection Unit
Pre-Combine Occupation: Unknown

8492 is, under any common lens, a mere boring Metrocop going on about his daily routine, going through the motions like it’s second nature. However, his arrival to City 17 has changed his life entirely: from lonely patrols down empty, partisan-free streets to a bustling metropolis full of Metrocops like him, sharing plenty of common traits that develop after spending enough time in Civil Protection. However, City 17’s been recently taken by storm by a fantastic new hobby that serves both as entertainment and a tool to administer the Combine’s global justice: Hackman. As he descended from the train and followed the street signs all the way to his assigned apartment, he knew that he was becoming part of a larger adventure.


Full name: Unknown
Codename: D-6600
Rank: Ground Unit, Class 2
Birthplace: City 1, formerly New York City
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Civil Protection Unit
Pre-Combine Occupation: Insurance Guy

In the busy City there are many faces to see, both good and bad. Unit D-6600 has managed to adapt pretty well to the Combine’s takeover, and as he was transferred from one busy city to the other, the only thing that worried him was getting seasick on the way there. After getting adjusted to the new lifestyle as an extension of the Combine’s rule on Earth, he quickly got acquainted with the first batches of units sent to keep City 17 safe while it was still expanding and creating new housing districts for its next groups of Metrocops. During that journey, he had the pleasure of becoming friends with Unit D-7521, with whom he often went along on patrols around the blocks. Then, after City 17 became fully operational, words spread of a brand new game being developed: Hackman. As he then saw that everyone’s suspicions were correct and the leaderboards were created -with four distinct champions at the very top- he knew he’d found the best hobby he could ever ask for.


Full name: Beo
Codename: D-7521
Rank: Ground Unit, Class 2
Birthplace: Brest, Brittany
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Occupation: Civil Protection Unit
Pre-Combine Occupation: Sous-Chef

To the thousands of restaurants scattered around the world, the destruction of Earth’s fauna caused by the teleportation of feral alien species around the globe was seen as a total culinary catastrophe, the likes of which were enough to shut several businesses down. To D-7521 however, this proved to be a fantastic learning opportunity yielding great potential back in the kitchen, and with a head full of ideas he traveled far and wide to acquire houndeye legs, fresh headcrabs and even barnacle tongues. As time passed and his culinary knowledge expanded where many others refused to accept the new, altered food chain, D-7521 found himself needing something to sustain his hobbies after being fired from the restaurant for accidentally letting a raw, live headcrab escape from the kitchen and assault the customers. As a result, he joined the Civil Protection force once the Combine took over Earth and earned enough credits to keep doing what he loved: eating and cooking. After being immediately assigned to City 17, he quickly became acquainted with Unit D-6600’s explosive charisma, rapidly appreciating the fellow unit’s happy-go-lucky attitude. Not only that, but as he noticed that the city was suffering from an invasive Xen fauna, he created a headcrab orphanage with which he could keep the city’s headcrab population in check, but after spending enough time around non-hostile headcrabs, he found himself struggling to think of eating them. While he unfortunately dropped the majority of his tastes in Xen fauna, following the creation of an interesting new blood-sport involving manhacks and partisans, he realized he had three things he loved to do in life: eating, cooking and playing Hackman.


Full name: Unknown
Codename: D-5984, β€œGlepnir”
Rank: Elite Protection Unit
Birthplace: City 17
Sex: Male
Age: 3
Occupation: Civil Protection Unit
Pre-Combine Occupation: None

Glepnir may look human, have flesh around his bones and he could even speak like a Human, but the reality of it is that Glepnir is as far away from the definition of Human as he can be. He was created, not born, in a tube. He never experienced childhood, he never experienced the full plethora of Human feelings and emotions. All that he ever goes with is his mind, not his heart. As long as nothing changes around him, he will never find a reason to do or think differently from what was imprinted onto him. Shortly after his creation, he quickly climbed Hackman’s leaderboards and stayed at the very top as the game’s number one player, with his team taking the second, third and fourth place. Due to the large skill gap between him and everyone else, very few Metrocops dare to challenge him in-game.

Full name: Jonathan Cristopher ???
Codename: N/A
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Rank: None
Sex: Male
Age: 41
Occupation: Partisan
Pre-Combine Occupation: Taxi Driver

Jonathan had always been a man of few words, especially when many of his customers did not take kindly to a chatty taxi driver. Coming out of a divorced family as an only child, Jonathan found it difficult to enjoy a decent lifestyle, as the overwhelming majority of his money went into bills and food. After more than a decade spent driving around the streets of Seattle, the Combine announced itself to Humanity and offered a new, shared future among the stars. Jonathan had no issue leaving behind a life that he never had the chance to enjoy, which is why he found himself crossing the States and the Atlantic to enter Quarrytown, a city known for a new sport made by the Combine that was all the rage among Humans: Dynoball. He quickly got accustomed to his new life, and during his stay he found a much-needed group of friends: Athena, Juno and Vincent. He learned a new sport, found love within Athena, and finally found a reason to keep on living.

However, Vincent had no problem sacrificing all of that. The things he’d done after the day of the incident were enough to start a fire of determination within Jonathan. As a result, he became a partisan, actively working for City 17’s resistance.



Full name: Khutulun Ganzorig Athena Ayvee
Codename: D-8650
Rank: Ground Unit, Class 1
Birthplace: Krasnojarsk, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Occupation: Civil Protection Unit
Pre-Combine Occupation: None

Athena’s earliest memories go back to those endless fields just outside Mongolia, where more often than not her father would go and bring her along on hunting trips. Before she finished middle school she already knew how to handle, dismantle and clean a semi-automatic hunting rifle. Truth be told, there wasn’t much else Athena could do aside from becoming a hunter like her father to provide food for the community. That was, until her father died in a hunting accident, fatally swallowed whole by a barnacle under the terrified watch of a mentally scarred Athena. Following that tragedy, Athena lost all drive to do anything for a good while, until the Combine presented itself with many solutions and a brand new sport for Humans to enjoy: Dynoball. Athena saw it as an opportunity to do something with herself and bring her younger sister into a much better environment than the cold lands of Siberia. As she moved into the city of Quarrytown, she made a new group of trustworthy friends: J.C. and Vincent. Finally, she felt like everything started going in the right direction.

Vincent, however, did not share that sentiment. Vincent’s true ambitions pushed Athena to travel further west, towards City 17, and there she’d become a double-crossing Civil Protection Unit: a sleeper agent working for the resistance.



Full name: Vincent ???
Codename: The Consul
Rank: Sectoral Commander
Birthplace: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Representative of the Combine forces on Earth.
Pre-Combine Occupation: Radio Host



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