Ban Ops Issue 7

Ban ops is my series, were I just shitpost.

What’s to note about this issue, is that it’s my second comic made in SourceFilmMaker. You can check out the second one here: Audacity (Sci Fi comic)

issue 7 page 1
issue 7 page 2

Edit. For a bit of context, those are actual replies from the discord server.


A wonderful comic showing the finest of replies from respected members.

If I only had one complaint, it’s that more replying voices aren’t included. But these are actual replies, so it makes sense that they’re the ones in the comic.

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First comes making the comic making, and then comes being Giga Chad.

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So I checked the files, and this comic was made in January of 2023. Combine this with the fact that after a while, discord wont show search stuff, and I’m really glad I saved these comments as screenshots.

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