Audacity (Sci Fi comic)

Audacity was posted originaly in 2018, and was my first Sci Fi comic and major project. I say major, because while I do still have the Ban Ops series, that series is basically me just shitposting.

The whole thing was done in SourceFilmMaker because I disliked Garry’s Mode (I still do).

Inspired by the Titanfall series and the actions of a few madlads in World War 1. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Audacitypage0 cover copy
Audacitypage1 copy
Audacitypage2 copy
Audacitypage3 copyV2
Audacitypage4 copy
Audacitypage5 copy
Audacitypage6 copy
AudacityPage7 copy
Audacitypage8 copy
Audacitypage9 copy
Audacitypage10 copy
Audacitypage11 copy
Audacitypage12 copy
Audacitypage13 copyV2
Audacitypage14 copy
Audacitypage15 copy
Audacitypage16 copy
Audacitypage17 copy
Audacitypage18 copy
Audacitypage19 copy
Audacitypage20 copy


I remember this well. Fantastic comic, I hope this is a sign a second episode will come!

Is this a bad time to mention that I’m working on another Sci Fi comic?

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Very well made! The layout and the overall quality is amazing :pinched_fingers:

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That was a wonderful ride,
I don’t usually get into TF2 stuff, but this was a lot of fun! :smiley:

I remember this as well. I think it’s awesome!


Your comics are the legacy of PHW quality condensed into something that isn’t overtly polished or draws attention to its screenshots. Craftsman is too generic a word to use to describe your skill, rather, a master, in the same sense as ’Dutch Master’, is more apt. I share the same sentiment as @The_Gobo with the TF2-stuff, but I also know that a lot of people really like it, and Audacity is a shining example of what Gmod comic makers could aspire to make.

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I really enjoyed reading this when it came out and I hope you continue it.


I only aspire to encourage others to make stuff as well,
Arctic meanwhile actually makes good stuff.