A Look into Darkness

While reading Brashfink’s The Supplanter I got scared for the first time of a Gmod comic. It was really spooky! Unfortunately, the comic has been lost to time.

After seeing Videogamedunkey’s video on the game Phasmophobia, I got inspired to make a comic using a first-person narrative. Of course it would be about ghost hunting, just like Brashfink’s comic.

This is part 1 of 3, with more to come during the fall of '23

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And this is why the buddy system exists :V
Seriously though, I probably woulda done the same thing ahahah

The decision to voluntarily omit panel borders is bold, but it pays off really well in dark screenshots where you can easily place one picture under the other and make it all very seamless. I think that’s what’s happening here, and it flows really good. Not big into ghost-hunting, but you certainly made it interesting.

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Going first person was brilliant, the ending actually got my pulse up!

Perchance have you been listening to the Red Web podcast?

Thanks for the kinds words everyone.

The borderless shots were a risk, a risk that didn’t work out every time. Nevertheless I am verh pleased with the end results. They capture the disorientation inherent in something like urban exploring… or ghost hunting :ghost:

@ESToomere I’m not familiar with that podcast, no. Not a big podcaster tbh, but I had an ex who listened to horror podcasts while falling asleep!

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