Which Half-Life do you prefer?

So which game? I’m not asking which is the objectively best, or the most important for the franchise. This poll is for which one you like the most.

Is it the sound of twangy footsteps in those echoey vents that makes you pick Half-Life? Is it flying around the Sector E Biodome with a barnacle on your fist that makes you love Op4? Or maybe slummin’ it with the rebels in the sewers of C17? Plummeting down the elevator to some Peeper Puppies in Blue Shift? That cool guitar riff that plays fighting combine/zombies in the hospital during Episode 1?

Let us know!

  • Half-Life
  • Opposing Force
  • Blue Shift
  • Half-Life 2
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • None of the “canon” games
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You left the ability to vote more than once, it seems, so I’ll say First HL2, just cuz… well Gmod.
But OpFo after that because of the fond memories I have of playing it over and over and over again due to it being shorter than HL1 and the fact that at some point my steam copy wouldn’t run HL1’s .wav file for suit charge pick-ups and would just crash the game.
Disc copy never did that to me lol

Where is Blue Shift?

Oh, darn. I guess that’s good though, since I can’t decide between the first and the second game.

HL1 got me hooked on FPS’s and map-making. and it was geniunely scary at times! But also kinda funny…

Yet, HL2 was everything a young teenager dreamed of: it was ”realistic” and ”dystopian”, which were perfect hooks for a young punk like me. Despite being a real weird sequel when you think about it, it’s also the perfect sequel: follow up the most 1990-ish game with the most 2000-ish game.

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HL2: Episode 2.

Orange Box SDK was so mind-blowing when it dropped, I had close to 1000 hours in Episode Two due to that.

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Now order has been restored. However, I crave chaos.

I realize for a lot of fans of the original Half-Life the sequel was a travesty because of the wild jump in terms of universe, but my enduring love of this series is due to Half-Life 2, which is also objectively the best as proven by my completely unbiased review (hopefully that last part comes across as sarcasm).

Half-Life 1 is a fantastic game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the pacing and world of Half-Life 2 that made it live on in my head. Much like for Gobo, the creative liberty granted by Garry’s Mod also helped and made HL2 feel even richer in story to me.


Hard choice between HL1 and 2, but I think HL1 just pips the post for me. If nothing else, it was the one that led to all the others, and for me it still (somehow!) has replay value