What are you currently listening to?

The chorus is so weird, it sounds like a Backstreet Boys song

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Wholesome sad song for happy times.

Inspired by events recently experienced

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Can’t… stop… listening… to… cheesy early 00’s R&B album


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That was some very gorgeous music, Petfe.

Now it’s time to get Funkee

Found myself listening to this nostalgic piece.

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Hotline Miami soundtrack was excellent for running in dark unlit areas.

Tired is as tired does

The sounds of my laptop overheating due to playing modern Garry’s Mod (As Opposed to Gmod 10) for 0.5% of a Picosecond

I feel so kewl rn

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I was bored so I did a Geodetective on the thumbnail:

Google Maps

Edit: on a related note, there should be an award if you manage to make it out of the Shinjuku train station


I didn’t think it was that difficult to navigate the Shinjuku station. The signs are in english as well, so…

Granted, I only went there a couple of times, since the Yoyogi station was a bit closer to our hotel. And usually less packed with people.