(Unused Comic) Growing Pains 3

Found Growing Pains 3 in my hard drive. I worked on it several months ago, but after I was done I discovered that I could make the quality of my pictures so much better if I wrote “poster 2” in the console. But only finding out after I already got all of my screenshots for GP3 meant I had to do it all over again. I just didn’t have the motivation so I bailed.

I planned to crop out the black bars in post in order to give it a more traditional comic book feel.

As you can see, I wanted the theme to be about taking shortcuts. With the Demon Spy tempting my heavy with the idea of an easy shortcut at the cost of quality. While Ashley (who was written as an angel at the time) was the angel on his shoulder telling him not to take the easy way out in life. Surprisingly deep for a Gmod comic.

It ends with my heavy giving in to temptation while Ashley beats the Demon Spy outside, she comes in saying something like: “Hey Heavy! I’m back from beating that guy’s ass, now let’s- Oh, you’ve already taken a shortcut. Oh well maybe you’ll learn some other time.”

I might come back sometime, since I am rebooting my TF2 comics now.