(Unused Comic) Assassinate Ashley 3

As you all might be aware by now, I’ve decided to scrap and reboot the entire canon for the TF2 comics, I did it because I was not happy with where the comic was going as time went by.

My main character Ashley Eden was a big example of my issues. In short, she, along with many other “supernatural” characters didn’t fit in with the TF2 universe at all. I made her too overpowered with no tangible weaknesses that could be used to defeat her. I also realized my comics were becoming less and less about the game itself. Eventually me and a close friend, who I call my co-creator, J-Ven, we brainstormed together and thought up every single problem with the story and decided the best course of action was a complete reboot.

Starting completely from scratch. The most prominent change being to scale down Ashley’s power-level and make her a RED TF2 Merc, along with centering the story around eight RED Mercenaries fighting the BLU team. I’m very happy with my decision, and I look forward to giving you all comics you would love. Besides sticking to base TF2, I’ll be taking influence from the Hotline Miami series and the fan film Emesis Blue by Fortress Films. I also plan on giving the series a half-serious but half-silly tone instead of pure slap-stick.

The new reboot comic will be called: “Better RED Than Dead!”

Though Assassinate Ashley is cancelled, I have no intentions of deleting the comics I made. Because while I may not like them now, someone else could look at them and learn from my mistakes. And if that person becomes a better creator for it, then I’d say it was worth keeping them up.

PS: I do find it kinda funny how I cancelled before making a 3rd entry, mirroring Valve’s inability to count to 3.

Anyways, here’s what I had for what would’ve been Assassinate Ashley 3.

The plot was that Killzer and Dolan would come up with a way to break out by having Dolan fake a heart attack, Ashley would then come in to try to save him. But while she’s distracted, Killzer hits her with a concussive grenade, knocking her out.

Dolan initially refuses, saying he won’t do something so pathetic. But Killzer asks:

“How much time do you think has passed on Earth since we got trapped here? Decades, centuries perhaps? The great Lord Dolan rotting in Ashley’s prison while Earth forgets about him. What a sad, pathetic legacy.”

To which Dolan, fearing the possibility of being forgotten, actually has a heart attack out of sheer terror. Ashley barges in to save Dolan like they planned, and Killzer knocks her out with the concussive grenade. The story ends with Killzer and Dolan successfully escaping Ashley’s prison.

Near the end, Dolan taunts an unconscious Ashley, calling her a bitch before kicking her in the face. He forgets it’s like kicking steel so he hurts his foot.

For a while, I toyed with the idea of featuring Dolan and his gang in the HL2 universe, but nothing really came of it. The two settings just don’t mix at all, especially since HL2 is much older, more realistic, and much more drab and depressing compared to TF2’s silly and colorful style. And it’s no secret I prefer TF2.


Reading about your thoughts and lessons from comic-making is as entertaining (for lack of a better word) as reading a comic. Failing forward, so to speak?

Either way, looking forward to what you guys come up with instead!

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I’m of the opinion that if you look back at your past and cringe at some of the dumb shit you did, that probably means you grew as a person. Gmod comics are no exception.

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