The Personal Skins Thread V1 - The Rebirth

Thanks! :smiley: Currently it’s uploaded to the workshop as a private addon (was having serious issues trying to install it manually). XD Steam Workshop::Dusk perskin Absolutely fine with you guys using it (within reason :wink: ), but please don’t share it to anywhere else except this thread. :slight_smile:

If anyone here is unsure of who Dusk is… she’s my persona; the Government Woman, agent of the Employers, interdimensional bureaucrat… and G-Man’s wife. >.>

Currently the model is not available to be a playermodel, but that will be added later. :3

Is there a easy way to make speech bubbles in GIMP btw? o.O

Fun in the su… moon lol


I really like the Dear Esther maps, they’re super pretty.


Because you posted both of these together on the discord, at first I was thinking… wait… are we observing Gobo? :rofl: Careful you might get hired. :laughing:

Seriously though, both of these are great shots!

I credit it entirely to the map,
its why i try to use maos with a lot of high contrast lighting, colored or otherwise.
cause it just makes everything so pretty!

Let’s post this here as well.


Petfe sells only the finest of potions.

“You care what happens to this world?”
“I do…”

Testing out making eye-glow post-process. I’m pretty sure I can get it to look better than this, but this was a first attempt. I want a easier way to do it than with lighting actually in gmod, as that takes a while to set up and is extremely tedious to get right.
I don’t want it to look over-the-top either; more subtle and less like we have our high-beams on. Though actually I am going to make a funny comic about the disadvantages of glowing eyes soon.


An old one, but one I like.



First time I’ve animated using my perskin… don’t ask why she’s suplexing a hunter; it’s a long story.

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Had the idea after a weird nightmare.
not super happy with the layout, but i still think the joke is funny.

Translation of all into english
“I usually get water”
“Really? That’s a terrible choice!”
“Him panicking is hilarious though”
all through google translate, so… yeah sorry 'bout that.

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That Portuguese sure is… something.

I was trying, if i went to each of you for a proper translation it would ruin the effect just as badly, but in a different way ^^;
Google still doin me dirty on translations

Dusk had said some of the links aren’t working,
I’m assuming mine wasn’t due to the link expiring on my Google Drive,
so I updated to using the Workshop.

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Based on a conversation on the discord,
felt the need to canonize it into comic form.
Trying to get back into the swing of things after a pause.

Honestly I feel like I’m hosting a show here or something.

Based off something I heard someone say about someone else (without the murder ofc)

What’s a good friendship without a little murder :V