The Personal Skins Thread V1 - The Rebirth

Welcome back, perskinners!

This is the start of a new era, the age of Metrocop’s personal skins!
More content! More perskins! Less drama!

Let’s get together, make quality shitposts just for the sake of it and have fun!

List of personal skins:



Dead Space Hunter
FO Hunter
F.E.A.R. Hunter
Inquisitor Hunter
ME Hunter
Necromorph Hunter
Witcher 2 Hunter


(More to be added)

If you want your perskin added to the list, DM me either via forum chat or Discord

Let’s get back to it, people!


It’s back! (happy to see it back in some way, at least)


I know Too- Erik, was working on a map for metrocop, had a really nice pub in it.
I know ita not the old thread, for bettet or for worse. Really hopeful.
Mostly hopeful my precense doesn’t keep others from joining. ^^;

Heres to the years, Cheers all.


Guess I’ll kick off the sharing with My Perskin As a pack of my current and older ones together.
(Shout out to FZE for the original, Mythos for the Knight, SquiddyTreat for the ranger, and Petfe for rigging the current)

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I’m on second base with the classic model of George Stukas, and to get a little flavor, here it’s tastefully posed with Metrocop alumni @Eastman , @Chris , @ArcticAvenger , @The_Gobo , @L_mbdaDude and of course @male_07 playing QIII while muted.


I JUST wanted to park my CAR!!!

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Estoomere (Erik) has been working on a map.
He’s trying to have a park, hotel, trainstation and a bunch of other stuff 'round town, but I thought it’d be neat idea for the pub he’s working on- the “Drunken Dragon” in German, to maybe be the perskin place :smiley:


Since people are posting links, I may as well post a few links of my own (billions of other Hunter-Spies not featured)

Casual Hunter: 79.72 MB file on MEGA
Dead Space Hunter: 12.54 MB file on MEGA
Fallout New Vegas NCR Hunter: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
F.E.A.R 2 Hunter: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Iquisitor Hunter: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Mass Effect Hunter: 8.2 MB file on MEGA
Necromorph Hunter: 2.2 MB file on MEGA
Witcher 2 Blue Stripes Hunter: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Lemme know if there’s any models from the golden days of the perskins thread and/or any other model of mine you wish to have, I’ve made quite a bit of models in the years ha ha

Edit: Forgot to add the Witcher 2 Blue Stripes model, fixed that now
Note: some of them (Blue Stripes, Mass Effect and NCR) have missing/multiple skingroups because I didn’t really bother editing the skingroups via the qc at the time



This is just too funny hahaha

Goodness, Hunter, that’s a lot of hunters! :open_mouth:
So much bang for the buck!

Oh you have no idea how many more Hunter variants there are

one being a hex from Simkas’s Vietnam GIs

one being a hex of a hex of a Advanced Warfare cop model

a few Dead Space models


one being a head hack of Big Biss/Venom Snake from MGSV

one being a hex of a suited model

one being a hex of a casual model

another being a hex of a Call of Duty Ghosts Model

some hexes based off the RE7 Bakers and/or Hills Have Eyes Mutants

and last and certainly not least, the old gen Hunters

the reason why they’re not in the image above is a combination of me having more models than people having clothes, some of them being really old models, some of the eyes are wonky due to the fact that eyes on simkas’s arma 3 models are funky when it comes to lighting in game and finally I think the ones in the image above already fill the holes of casual, fantasy, sci-fi, star wars, post apoc and finally modern(ish) military

(also not featured are rush job hexes of Lucas Baker from RE7, Titan Station Security Necromorph and Boba Fett, all of which will never be shown except maybe the Boba Fett one)

Yee, i knew about the metal gear and dead space ones,
even the suit one i assumed you had, but the rest? news to me.

Y’all can blame George n’ Fort :3


Damn that caaaaaaat!!!


Jason joined us for a game night where we slaughtered one another with HL2DM and OpFo gameplay,
Jason, as usual was wrecking shit with an RPG,
Arctic was kicking butt with a shotgun on DM_Lockdown,
Chris flooded the map with S.L.A.M.s on DM_Runoff,
Lambda volleyed us all into oblivion with AR2 “morb orbs”
And I just kept trying to give spicy hugs with a stun stick.
Mythos even managed to join for the evening, enjoying domination one after another with the crossbow.

Fun was had by all, though during which we were informed about Dav0r’s passing.
Decided to put a lot of effort into over-editing this, not to mention the 30 or so tries it took to place all the slams in the background.
Not sure what else to say, but am sorry to hear about the community’s massive loss.


That’s a pretty good crossbow pose, maybe I’ll recruit you for The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage.

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I’m jealous of your ability to use the crossbow effectively,
I suck with low speed high damage weapons lol

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No joke, I only started learning after making it Hercule Cubbage’s weapon of choice. I figured I should learn how to better portray it in the comic.

well you kick ass with it, hell of a lot more than me at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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Catching up with some of the stuff I’ve made, posted to the discord and hadn’t gotten on here yet. @_@

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