The Myriad of Misfits

Just a small series of fantasy based comics I was more or less inspired (or have been for a while) to make. and I said I was going to post on here in the chance that I make more and turns out I did

1: Wanted

“A small group of adventurers consisting of Huntyr the Stout, Dix’nc Ox the Pike, and Beryl the Kind find themselves on the local bounty board even though they just came into town”

2: Gift

“While he was out, Dix’onc spies Beryl receiving a gift from someone and is left with something to think about. While Huntyr wants to give the newest arrival to the party the perfect gift, but perhaps the gift is too perfect?”

3: Proposition

“The Myriad of Misfits are on a quest to save the village who hired them from a local tyrant, however they receive an interesting proposition from said tyrant…”

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The aftermath:


4: Death and Failure

“After a disastrous battle with a foe, The group gets a second chance at life. but everything comes at a price…”

5: By the campfire

“Dix’onc has been noticing a companion has been looking at him differently, and decides to talk to them about it…”

6: Racism

“The group protects an innocent nonhuman man from a racist, however they learn something surprising about him”

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7: Faith

“Beryl helps a farmer in need, but encounters some complications…”

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Loving this series, can’t wait to see more :smiley:

8: Inventory

“Dixon’C notices that he is missing a resurrect scroll and confronts Beryl about it…”

Poor guy didn’t stand a chance lmao

9: Intimidation

“Beryl, Dixon’C and Huntyr find themselves in a bit of an awkward situation with a guild member, however their new companion has a few choice words…”

10: Beard

(There is no clever description, someone finally uploaded the witcher 2 soldier models with extra bodygroups so I wanted to have fun with them)