The Heart of The Party - Chapters 1 & 2

Right… This is a fantasy series I started back in 2016. The first chapter was pretty much a test run, but then the old Metrocop went down and I didn’t have a reason to continue making Gmod stuff at the time.

The series kept haunting me along the years as I kept coming up with new ideas for it every now and then, yet I was still given up on the idea of continuing it… Until last year, as I discovered the revived Metrocop.
So… I went and got back to it with haste. After having to relearn how I used to do things, I actually finished the second part at the beginning of this year to send the plot in motion.

Enough talk, get to reading and share your thoughts!

In hindsight, I really should’ve played with the layout much, much more.


Beautifully shot. And the bending of the fourth wall together with the bending of our expectations is some next level writing. Looking forward to more dungeon adventures, Petfe! Hopefully no widdle goblins get hurt next time :sob:

Side topic: Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings was a great soundtrack to this read

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Ive said this many a time before and I will continue to say it,
I’m envious of the quality of your screenshots.
Simple layout or not, the final product came out fantastic.
Wishing there was more, maybe someday.