The Go Between

Muddled mess that I may be, I’m attempting a slightly more ‘serious’ comic with an actual written out story.
Though given that my only consistent works are that of Perskin stuff,
all I could think to write was myself.
Literally. It’s a story about my perskins and trying to transition to a new model.
Originally this was just a way to stop using the SirKnight model by LT_C out of respect for the guy, still gmodding or not.
But as I continued making pages I realized I could actually sort of use this to not only try and tell a neat story but deal with some vaguely sort of tangentially personal stuff.
Nothing that would really show up in the comic per se, but the process of writing, posing, editing, etc has proven a boon in my life outside of the development.

That said, TL:DR;
the title “Gobo” is from the actual word ‘gobo’, meaning Go Between,
so I’m trying to make a story about the title as it relates to the character I present myself as in the comics and stuff we make.

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Posting pages at a time, cause I have no idea wtf I’m doing lol

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Character limit for posting things is a wise choice =w=

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Though I have to admit, trying to post like this is cumbersome ^^;

I have no idea how many pages it’ll take for me to get to the “end” of this story.

Full story is written out, so that’s kind of set in stone on my end,
Would love any criticism on the side of editing/composure, etc

And then The Girl shows up :V
no explanation, just boom.

Had ideas on how to use this character, a lot of them went sideways, still working on it :V

And then Merrill breaks out the blood magic :V

Yeah, I kinda derped on what to do for a bit,
Needed something to get them to leave, but forgot “oh yeah, Cobo doesn’t have a weapon”
So ended up just having him shove over an almost-dead strogg :man_facepalming:

Panic Mode… ENGAGED! lol
This page was a long time coming, actually had the comic on hold and was planning on cancelling it, but then Jeff found that effects pack on the workshop and I used a portal from it to get the look I wanted.
Comic probably would have just died there w/o it.
So yeah… Thanks Jeff :smiley:

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Neat tid-bit,
Some prior conversation on the discord convinced me to try and dial back the style on the speech bubbles, the color font at least, as the color changed going through the portal prior.
wanted that to be a subtle detail of something more ‘grand’ going on, but ended up just trying to get the editing to be more sensible and consistent.

Also that room took me like 2-4 hours to trash with props and lamps to make it look as detailed as possible.
I regret nothing lol


It’s impressive seeing your skills grow throughout. The characters seem three-dimensional, the editing is ambitious, the pacing works well with the visual language, and becomes more consistent as the comic goes on.

The only thing that drives me crazy is that he says ”shut up” but then reprimands him for language. I imagine some ol’ sensei would say ”Quiet” or maybe ”Silence”. But that Is a nitpick


I had to figure out where you meant, lol
Yeah towards the end there Gobo (the knight) says to Cobo (the ranger), “shut up” cause they’re technically the same person, just different ‘portions’, I guess, story kind of reveals what I mean by that a ways off later, but I haven’t gotten there yet.
Gobo isn’t exactly a ‘sensei’, it’s just hmm… not sure how to put it w/o spoiling anything.
Let’s just say he has very intense, but differing emotions that drive him by comparison to Cobo or Goob.

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Finally got around to making another page, motivation kind of tanked when my car died and I had to replace it and was out of work for two weeks. Doing better, hoping to do another page soon, we’ll see what happens :smiley:


Evidently I forgot to post a whole page.

Still working on this,
travel page, not much happening, so it was quicker to throw together.
Not my best work, but eh, I’m alright with it.
REALLY liked this unused shot though

”Meanwhile… in space”

That first half is helluva tight ship when it comes to lighting/photography/editing. You made a lot of good choices there.

For the second half, I think you could’ve used a nice closeup of the knight peeking over a concrete wall. Something close ’n’ personal. It would work well too with the unused screenshot, which could be used as a dialog-less establishing shot or something.

Yeah, there’s a lot I should’ve done better in that most recent page,
I was just trying to get another page out, and not a lot is supposed to happen at the moment, just pushing the plot forward.

This map was originally supposed to be where Cobo would meet Mythos as the head of a troope of soldiers, teamed with Mjolnir,
but that was a storyline where Gobo (the orange night from the prior pages) was going to die, and a bunch of other changes.

This building location with the spotlights was going to be a rebel base and I had it all built up and full of props n’ stuff.
Ended up scrapping the whole place when I rewrote the story entirely.
Kinda wishing I hadn’t, but what Imma do now works a lot better, imo.

Nuther page, trying to get out of a funk and back into making this.
Really wanna get further.

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