The Fallen Earth - Pilot

The Fallen Earth, unlike its 90s-edgy-culture-reference-but-it’s-actually-lazy title, is a young and fresh Machinima series built out of one of my deepest desires ever since I saw GMod’s Zombie Apocalypse videos and DasBoSchitt’s Idiot Box series: making my own Machinima. While at the time I did not have the means to make one, nowadays my desire to create one has not only remained, but it has only grown stronger since then.

Therefore, I will post The Fallen’s Earth entire series, episode per episode, in the Metrocop forums. Starting from the pilot episode.

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I remember watching this when you shared it on the discord,
fun stuff :smiley:

I like it, especially the first half. The visual cleaness of the shots has a very strong atmosphere, an atmosphere reminiscent not only of Silent Hill, but the simplicity of early PS1 games in general. The visuals tell a very concise story and the viewer’s imagination fills in the rest.

There’s some visual awkwardness in havin a bajillion of the same zombies and soldiers crouch jumping over counters, but tbh that just adds to the charm.

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