The Fallen Earth EP1 - Silent Evac

In under 3 hours, panic struck in a small district of a bustling metropolis. The streets emptied themselves, the stores were abandoned, the cars were stranded (some even with their engines still running) and an unknown plague spread like wildfire. Nobody had a clue what was happening, neither did the police. However, those who lived long enough to see their fellow men and women be torn to pieces by a mob of monsters of unknown origin knew that they were witnessing an apocalypse of biblical proportions. The police, working with whatever few instructions the army could give in such a fast and violent situation, immediately set up a base of operations in the district’s subway, hoping to escort civilians to safety and keep at bay whatever was sieging the city from within. More than that however the police couldn’t do as they too were attacked, and some even transformed into an abomination in mere minutes to catch their prey by surprise. At first they held out pretty well in the subway’s surface entrance, then they were pushed back to the underground areas, then they had to fight to keep the subway’s control room in their grasp, and then came the tragic decision to lock the subway entirely and seal all entrances and exits leading in and out of the subway. Those civilians who were lucky enough to enter the subway in time could hold onto their lives for one more day, but those who were left stranding above, on street level, were gutted and disemboweled like animals.

But the plan won’t hold forever: ungodly beasts claw at the metal gates which block all entrances to the subway, and those who are still above the surface will have to fight tooth and nail to have a chance of seeing a new day.

Fantastic work, looking forward to more :smiley: