The Duel of Bad Aim

Finally got into making this and now, long overdue, it is complete. Enjoy!



God, your posing is so fuggin’ perfect. I’m jealous as hell.
so many hilarious little gags, Loved the like “pew” bullet just flopping out with “gun go bang” and especially the tent.
Fun fact, the whole time we were playing that, not once did I exit through that door, I always came down from either the roof or from the window on the floor above. lol
(nit picky, but I kind of wish I had been charging in with a crossbow, even if it WAS an mp5 every time :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Petfe, good posing, and also good use of lamps. Lamps, that by the way, give your comics this clean look to them (not sure how els to describe it).

My favorite part of the layout is were both characters have the background cut, and are reaching for their sidearms at the same time. That’s some nice stuff right there.

Combine this with the absolute ludacris posing at the pistol fight and we have a certified banger. Tent was also a nice touch.

Overall, really great job man!


Well done, Petfe. I admire your use of visual gags. For example, putting Arctic in front of a tent, but never calling attention to it, is a well-executed joke.

The goofy close-quarters pistol fight is just classic comedy. I know how finicky posing actions scenes are, so I respect the dedication to the bit.


Yeah, I can do nut’ but agree with everyone above. Your posing skills are insane, Petfe!

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