The Conscript Ambush

I really like the Half-Life 2: Survivor models. Or perhaps more accurately, I really like the idea of the Half-Life 2: Survivor models. To assign different roles to the Combine is an interesting expansion of the quite uniform way they were presented in Half-Life 2. The devs behind Half-Life: Alyx seem to have picked up on the idea as well, considering their ”branching out” of combine unit types.

Because, sure. They are very cheesy, being made for an arcade no less. The rebels look almost like fan creations. And the Metrocops have very sexy boots, considering the de-emphasis on sex in the HL2 world. But I still love them nonetheless, as they represent an idea that goes beyond what became of retail HL2 and its sequels.

Considering the wealth of various Half-Life/Valve resources we have for Gmod nowadays, as well as the wide-spread interest in Beta-HL2, we can truly consider ourselves lucky. Like @Mythos mentioned in Discord, we would have killed to get our hands on these models back in 2007, as it was only relatively recently the Half-Life 2: Survivor models were made available. We only hade actual fan-made stuff to go off of, apart from some of the leak stuff. But now… all of that stuff’s on Steam’s own Workshop! To think it would come to that!

So here’s a little scene set with mostly HL2:S and Beta models. The HL2:S Heavy-type Combine Soldier is holding an Immolator (bc why not), the Engineer-type Combine Soldier is somehow manning a turret, as well as two Metrocops, one male and one female, standing by waiting for orders from the Elite Metrocop, who is of course armed with the XM29 OICW. About to pounce are two Beta Conscripts, one of which is the Travis model, a new favorite of mine, holding the cut MP5.