Sort of Short - Christening the Bed

Ok, uploading somtehing truly old, let’s see how many attempts until I get it right.

Also, sorry Mythos, it’s one giant image. The original hdd is lost to the mists of time but hey, at least it’s a jpeg.

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Hahaha, that’s a great one! Good posing and lighting. Weird seeing a default HL2 citizen head in that sort of attire.

Fairly certain that model is from more than ten years ago lol
Kinda curious what map that is though.
Funny as hell comic regardless hahahah

It is, I think I made this back in about 2014. Fairly sure the model was called Velvet and didn’t survive the end of
The map’s just a scenebuild in gm construct’s dark room, I think most it’s PHX props