Some Comics

Nothing new

Here’s three comics from a year ago, before the forum’s launch.
Just realized I never posted them here, so uh… Better late than never?


The middle comic gave me some Prince of Bell Air vibes.


I coulda sworn you posted the sword one on here somewhere,
Love how the Mythos comic cuts off because it’s so long :stuck_out_tongue:
Both of their suits look so good, really makes me wanna bonemerge the nobles cloths on and see what I’d look like :thinking:

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Love these, Petfe. Outstanding pics, paneling and effects. And that Jeff comic is a modern classic.


The first comic is very accurate. XD

Is the third one meant to be cut off like that? Or is it just not loading?

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Just click the image and ‘open original’, should’ve said something about that as the site doesn’t like to show the full comic on page for some reason.
Couldn’t bother to cut the comics in pieces.